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03 September 2012 @ 12:19 pm
hello my friends, book lover, Star Wars friends. i finally decided to make a blog to write about books. I honestly hope you will be entertained, that you will find things interesting for you.

For those not knowing me: my name is Tamara, 25, from Germany. Most of my posts will  be in english. If i feel the need for it, you will find a german translation of something in the same post. That being said, feel free to inform me about all kinds of errors (typos, etc.) i am not a native speaker, i still have stuff to learn.

You will find here: Star Wars books, Urban Fantasy, classic Fantasy, Thrillers and Sci-Fi.

check my lists if you wish to see the books i own



the star wars books


the lists (especially the wishlist http://tatooinesuns.livejournal.com/3298.html ) will be updated regularly
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I have been quiet for a while and that's not cos i didn't read anything. well, i almost read nothing and i'll tell you why

Es war hier eine weile ruhig und das nix damit zu tun, dass ich nix gelesen hab. Ok, ich habe FAST nichts gelesen und hier kommt das warum.

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20 December 2012 @ 12:31 pm
So, even though i'll get quite a few books for xmas, the list has grown. If you'd spell out each books of each series, i'd have 114 books listed here.
I really should update my "I own" list soon, but i'll wait till after xmas.
Recommendations are always welcome

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So my friends, this year ends tomorrow, the apocalypse is here! ;-)

I'll take this chance to talk about my fav books this year and re-doing the wishlist.

Whaddaya know, Vampires have been up on my list this year. Forget those twilight-pansies *goes hiding* lol no, even though the twilight-vampires have some fascinating abilities, i have two recommendations that will blow you heads off:
The Black Dagger Brotherhood Series from J.R. Ward
The Midnightbreed Series by Lara Adrian.
Both of these series are highly addictive, so you might wanna watch out unless you want to go to the "BRA" (Book-Readers Anonymus).
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06 December 2012 @ 12:58 pm
So, as i said, here i have my most wanted for the next year!

J.R. Ward - Lover at last (March 26th)
Lara Adrian - Edge of Dawn (?)
Diana Rowland - Touch of the Demon (Dez 31st this year actually, but i will buy that in 2013)
Jenna Black - Rogue Descendant (April 30th)
Kim Harrison - Ever After (January 22nd)
Timothy Zahn - Star Wars Scoundrels (January 1st)
Troy Denning - Crucible (July 9th)
Cody McFayden - Die Stille vor dem Tod (english name unknown to me) (?)
J.L. Bourne - Day by Day Apocalypse 3 (July 8th)

Those are it. What are you looking for next year?
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06 December 2012 @ 09:41 am
The Black Dagger Brotherhood Series by J.R. Ward.

I am totally in love with these books and the characters, hands down, the WARDen has created an awesome world with a great mix of romance and action. Now, i am not the romantic kind but you won't find overly cheesy stuff in this series. Will give you a complete summary after i've finished the books.

Finally ordered The Fallen 4, which i am excited for to get and hope for a good ending.

And wow, there are so many good books coming out next year, i can't wait! Do you have some you are waiting for?
I'll post mine later!

Oh and "fröhlicher Nikolaus"! ;)
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This weeks has been full of news for my two favorite fandoms: Star Wars and BBC Merlin.

While Lucasfilm was sold to Disney and new Movies are now in the making, Merlinians lived up to the meaning of that name:
"An obsessive fan of the BBC show Merlin"

While the Star Fans Fans seem to have calmed down and kinda stopped the first signs of bashing, the Merlinians make me mad.
This week rumors came to light concerning the two main actors. Somebody claimed that they were dating, meaning, they are gay. If you are curious enough, go check the brolin-tag on tumblr but brace yourselfs.

I run a fan-board and i am on twitter and more and more i am starting to hate dislike what i see on twitter. Obsessive fans with no sense of reality. You can't reason with them. They are in a state of mind were they worship a person without knowing that person. Basically they judge the book by its cover.
How does this happen? Does it have anything to do with age? I know i wasn't like that when i was younger. But, some of those people are 20 and older, so i can't really speak of teenage-crush or something like that. It really took all my good manners to stop myself from shouting at those people. Right, let them have fun, you say? What is that to you anyway, you wonder? The state of mind of these people worries me. If you are willing to get into a fight over something/somebody you don't even know, claiming that this person is the world to you, you should take a critical look at yourself and your life. This is a dangerous path you are following, one that leads to the dark side. Yes, i am a fangirl too but i'd never claim to know something about my fav actor/actress as long as he/she didn't say it. But others do. And this is how rumors are getting started.
The line between fangirling and stalking is so thin, that it is overstept very easily. And now the fandom basically asks for it by asking for proof for the rumors. It worries me a lot. The invading of privacy is something that really, really shouldn't be done. And i have to punsh myself at this point cos i even i said: proof or it didn't happen. Not got.
Now people are sending hate messages to each other, choosing sides and forgetting what they are really here for.

I feel like retreating from this. I don't feel comfortable at all with this. I am deeply worried and also disgusted. 

That being said, there IS a great amount of fans that don't participate in all of this and run great sites (oh here in LJ, actually, which i love).

The light at the end of the tunnel is my fellow SW-Fans. The maturity among those fans seem to make the difference. Accept, respect and be nice to each other. That is how it's done. So there is still hope for all fandoms, the force is still with us

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31 October 2012 @ 10:49 am
The fandom exploded like the death star over yavin 4: with a lot of noise and light, disappearing with very little remains. Disney is now the proud owner of Lucasfilm with all its franchises. Those that come to mind right away: Star Wars and Indiana Jones. And with the blink of an eye, the two sides of the force lined up for the eternal battle: light side and dark side. Which one is which is for you to decide but i choose what i call the "jedi-path": patience!

Vader Fuck

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05 October 2012 @ 10:34 am
Given that OTR is now out in many countries, i am re-posting the review i wrote on the GH-Board ( http://garrettminds.com/ )

I went to the Munich-Film festival to see it and met 3 awesome people (actually it was more, the parents of the nice lady i was staying with were awesome too :D )
so this was posted on GH at Jul 2 2012, 07:52 AM

So, here are my thoughts about On the Road.
Some details from the book are a bit blurry, so correct me if I am wrong at some point.
No need to mention, this all my opinion and how I feel about it. There is always room to discuss things smile.gif

General speaking, it’s obvious that I loved it! The film gave me the same feeling as the book did, I even had to cry in the end. Fast paced, we were thrown from one situation into another but never did the focus on the characters get lost. Some scenes shot from inside the car, driving along made me feel like I was in the car myself. Very nicely done. Of course you can’t put a complete book into a movie, so there are a few things I’ve missed: the mexico part was a little short for my taste. It was told in just a few takes (or at least that’s what it felt like to me), so I won’t be surprised if people don’t get the ending when Dean mets Sal in New York for the last time. Also, the little boy leading them to the whorehouse, there was a lot more to him in the book. Something I couldn’t help but missind, even though this is weird: at some point Marylou steals a pot from Old Bull Lees house, which one of the kids used as a toilet before. Dunno why, but I missed that. And Dean giving Mother Paradise her 15 Dollars back wasn’t there. But that’s all ok, I never thought in the first place that they could actually get so much detail in it as they did.
So, now I’ll try and tell you what I thought about each of the characters.

Dean: Garrett delivers an awesome performance. I was a little surprised when Kat said she “never liked Dean”. To me, Dean always felt like a rather tragic character: raised almost without parents, gone the wrong lane, intelligent but a little unable to channel it, always looking for love and life everywhere he goes but all with a symathic site to it. The second scene in which I had tears in my eyes ,apart from the ending, was when Dean, Marylou and Ed arrive at Sals Christmas Dinner at his Sisters/Brothers/Aunts????? House. They are sitting there talking, Dean sounds sad, then he jumps up from the chair telling this wild story about a sexy night, gets back into the chair and says: it is nice having a family, isn’t it (or something like that). Garrett deliverd that with such an intense face and voice, I couldn’t stop myself. Sometimes I thought: boy, what did they make you take? Cos e.g. his dancing scenes were so wild! Awesome!

Marylou: I was amazed how well Kristen did. She have the character a lot of depth. One scene that stuck with me: they are in this car with two strangers and one sings this very sad song (btw, I want the sountrack!!) about love and family and that’s when this scene from the trailer with Marylou having tears in her eyes comes up. Marylou could have been played as a one sided, obsessive, young gal very easily but Kristen gave her a lot of maturity.

Carlo: as Conni already mentioned, he stood out. In the book, to me, he kind of went alongside everyone but didn’t leave an impression. His part felt like a lot more in the movie, which is cos of Tom’s face and the way he acts it out. It felt like so much more, I really did feel for him when he told Sal about the relationship he and Dean had.

Sal: first off, Sam’s voice is amazing. He should do audiobooks! Being the one observing, his part never got boring. Those times when he was in the spotlight, he held my gaze, I almost overlooked other characters.

Camille: as I mentioned in the dairy, I always had a picture of a slightly hysterical woman in my head. Kirsten Dunst changed that. Her portrayal of Camille made her a warm, likeable woman, and all she wants is to be with Dean and the two babies. You could tell there was a lot subtext in her performance, like why she send Dean away after Sal arrived. You could feel that she knew what would happen. And she knew both had to go on. She sends Dean away, baby Amy is crying, and Camille gets her work clothes on as if everything was alright.

Old Bull Lee: ROFL!! Really, I thought Viggo was so funny! Even though I had an even more mad picture of that character in my mind, Viggo did awesome. Not so much “mad behaviour” but what he said and his face! Amazing!

Amy Adams: 100% the character from the book! She nailed it! Period!

Steve Buscemi: I liked his character a lot more as in the book. Maybe cos I like his face generally, I don’t know. But he seemed less of an a****** to me. And to be honest, the sex scene, which wasn’t really one for me, with Garrett was funny to me.

Talking drugs and sex: it was all VERY toned down in my eyes. There is a lot more skin in the book, I can tell you that. Maybe cos I am german and kinda used to it, but there wasn’t a second when I thought: wow, that’s shocking. Even the whole drug-topic felt “less intense” as in the book. Yes, you see them smoke weed and take benzedrine and drink a lot but it was defintely toned down. Yes, the very first Dean Scene shows Garrett’s naked butt (!!!), but Kristen had panties on. And oh my good, yes, you see her boobs! No, not really shocking.

Final words, as Dean would say: yes, yes, yes!!!


adding to this, i am currently a little annoyed about the articles i find about it, especially the german ones. VIP. de claim Garrett was in "The hunger games" and over all, i am wondering, if even one of those read and understood the book as what it is: the story of a life, of a real person. not fiction. if you would like to read the articles, go to http://garrettminds.com/index.php?showtopic=621

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Even though this books wasn’t my first metting with Mr Beckett (Animals) but i should have given him more credit. The Credit he deserves.

This is Dr. David Hunters fourth case. He is a forensic scientis, if you know “Bones” you know what this means. If not:

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